UCL Careers: Engineering

Maximise your chances of landing the job, internship, placement or academic position you want by getting involved early in the careers provision available to you in the Engineering faculty.

UCL Engineering employs a dedicated team of staff to help support you move forward with your career journey. The UCL Careers Engineering team organises careers events, builds relationships with employers, and offers application and interview advice, specifically tailored for you.

Look out for news about departmental and faculty-wide events happening during term-time directly through your department or through the regular UCL Careers Engineering newsletter. Look out also for Moodle alerts from the Engineering Careers & Events Moodle page, to which you are enrolled.


Further to all of the resources above, students in UCL Engineering will also be able to access central careers provision at UCL Careers, including careers fairs, employer events, skills sessions, themed weeks, to name but a few. You can access more information on all of these here.


Recent News
26 Oct 2017

Rita Pignacca, Deutsche Bank Analyst, with a Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, joined the bank to pursue her passion for technology on a truly global scale. My passion for technology came...
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