Volunteer for go4code

24 January 2017


{go4code} is an after-school programme that introduces and immerses kids into the world of coding. The programme begins from the very principles of coding and goes up to the point where the students can embark on projects of their own. The programme will culminate with a week-long Summer School hosted at UCL, where the students will apply their programming knowledge to sessions of project-based problem solving. They will hear from STEM researchers and professionals in industry about the vast opportunities available to STEM students in both academia and the private sector. The programme is currently directed towards Year-12 students attending state schools and from backgrounds underrepresented in STEM.

How you can help:

{go4code} is looking for female volunteers with knowledge of basic Python to participate in 6 weekly workshops in two schools in the London area this term and a week long programme in the summer.

The first workshop is to begin on the 7th February. The weekly workshops are planned on Wednesdays and last for 1-1.5hrs

If you are interested in taking up this opportunity and making an impact contact {go4code} at go4code.programme[at]