Launching the 2017-2018 Logo!!

30 June 2017

The New Committee have launched the New Logo

We are very excited to present ourselves as the new committee and launch our brand new logo for a new year.

We decided on this logo which tries to encapsulate all aspects of engineering from chemical fields to mechanical ones. As the Women Engineers Student Society we help create a network of female engineers who will support each other in their future careers.

Many thanks to one of our Marketing Managers, Alessia Aliaj, for designing this beautiful Logo

Our vision is creating a society where people won’t be boggled when you say you’re a girl studying engineering. This society is for both women and men who believe that girls are capable to contribute in science equally and want to help increase the ratio of women in Engineering from the current 9%. We do this through helping women advance in their careers early, making a network of professional women as well as helping younger girls see what they can achieve in this field.

Check out our website here and our facebook/instagram/twitter page to keep up to date on all the events we have planned.