Unique Facilities

Computer Science Apps Lab

Students can develop apps for a whole host of touchscreen devices across multiple platforms in the new Apps Lab. Fitted with touch screens and local device connectivity, and supporting iOS, Android and Windows technologies, students can borrow mobile devices to such as iPads, Windows X phones and Samsung Nexus tablets to work on and test their innovations. So far, home automation systems, health sensors, and custom games consoles have been developed here: who knows what’s coming next.

UCL MakeSpace

Part of the Institute of Making, a group of researchers devoted to exploring the properties and experience of materials, craft and construction, UCL MakeSpace is an open-access workshop where all UCL staff and students, regardless of their subject, can come and work on projects. With a laser cutter, 3D printed, lathe, kiln, and hundreds of hand tools, as well as the Materials Library, the resources here enable students to bring their studies to life, as well as pursuing personal projects. More about the MakeSpace

Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering

Housed in the department of Biochemical Engineering, this facility is the result of £20 million of investment from industry, government and various foundations. This hands-on experience is distinctive to UCL and provides firsthand insight of the challenges and excitement of making industrial process work. It provides access to some of the most advanced equipment available today as you would find in many industrial environments.

It houses bioprocessing equipment at a pilot scale, from fermentation through downstream processing to formulation, used by researchers and students to test new processed in an environment like that used by industry.

Electronic & Electrical Engineering Labs

Practical activities are central to electronic & electrical engineering and our labs provide a full range of state of the art facilities. They are available to students through lab sessions in the early years and for project work, as well as for student groups and societies. The lab facilities include the usual range of digital oscilloscopes and signal generators, microprocessor development software and testing equipment, a full range of RF and optical communications test equipment and all the equipment needed to develop multi-layer, printed circuit boards using surface mount components.