Flexible Programmes

When you first come to UCL Engineering, you choose a home department which will allow you to study a discipline in detail and, if you choose, enter that profession. But you’ll also work with engineers and scientists from other disciplines throughout your time here, particularly in courses shared across our integrated engineering programme.

Within your subject, you’ll encounter unique activities and tailored examples that will develop professional skills such as ethics, communications and design skills in the context of your own specialism, developing transferrable skills. You’ll also have the chance to follow your interests by taking a minor in either an interdisciplinary topic, such as robotics or aerospace engineering, or a complementary discipline such as management or modern languages. If you find you like interdisciplinary learning, there’s also the option to do other projects like this in your final years.

Whether part of the integrated engineering programme or not (exceptions are listed below), all Engineering courses contain elements of professional practice, communications, teamwork and other transferrable skills relevant across engineering and beyond, recognised as increasingly important by both professional bodies and employers.[1]

Who should study at UCL Engineering?