Diverse Career Destinations

We think it’s great to be an engineer. But just because you study engineering doesn’t mean you have to work as one. The skills you develop in an engineering degree are highly sought after across a wide range of career paths. Engineers can provide practical and well-reasoned solutions to problems, they can work in a team, are creative, realistic and consider their work in context. Our students leave us and go on to make changes whatever they choose to do.

On graduation, you will have a strong grounding in the fundamentals and application of your discipline, as well as transferable leadership, teamwork and communication skills and the ability to work flexibly, creatively and internationally.

You’ll be a good problem solver, keenly numerate and skilled in analysis – but you’ll also be well-rounded, with an understanding of the impact of engineering on society, and with experience working in teams. Engineering and technology industries are obvious destinations, but around half of our graduates go elsewhere – pursuing careers in architecture, web design, teaching, the Civil Service, financial analysis, and much more.

Whatever they do, the majority of our graduates take up work at a graduate level (2005-2011 figures from the independently-conducted HESA survey suggest that 92% of graduates started work at a graduate level), and are well compensated for their effort, with a median starting salary of £29,483.

We have two dedicated members of staff to organise careers events, build relationships with employers and offer CV and interview advice specifically tailored for students in Engineering. Each department also has a designed Careers Liaison Tutor who will be looking out for discipline-specific opportunities for their students. It’s a good idea to start thinking about your future career early: when you enrol, register with the Engineering Careers and Events page on Moodle to see all opportunities as they come up.

See what our graduates go on to do, and what their employers value in them, at our careers site.