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Engineering is the discipline that changes things. We take scientific discoveries, mix them together, add our own ideas and make things the world has never seen before or no one thought was possible. If looking at problems isn’t enough for you, consider joining engineers worldwide to actually solve them.

We recognize that problems (and people) don’t fit exactly within the boundaries of one subject. The Faculty of Engineering Science, UCL Engineering, is made up of eleven diverse departments, covering areas from designing environments that reduce crime to tracking satellites in orbit. Working together, and with the rest of UCL and beyond, gives us the interdisciplinary perspective to find solutions.

Why study engineering at UCL?


For 2014, we have reviewed all our undergraduate teaching to bring together the best of what we do and create a curriculum worthy of the 21st century engineer. We want to produce engineers who understand the context of their work, are independent and self-directed, and have an impact in their field.

Our new Integrated Engineering Programme brings the breadth of engineering knowledge and desire to try new things that fires our research into our teaching. Our students choose between our 14 undergraduate programmes , designed to give a good grounding in their specialism, threaded through with transferrable skills such as ethics and communication in contexts tailored to that specialism.

However, from the very first day of the first term, they also come together to work in cross-disciplinary teams to tackle ambitious real world problems and develop the crucial teamworking skills required by industry and academia. Further opportunities to follow their interests are offered by a system of minors, in interdisciplinary subjects like robotics or complementary topics such as management and foreign languages, and interdisciplinary projects.

The skills our students gain prepare them to address key global challenges, such as developing and deploying renewable energy sources, providing clean water, healthcare and well being, global connectivity, environmental sustainability, and more.

We want to change the world – and we produce students who do.

See the list of programmes we offer here.

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