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Matlab is a numerical computing environment that uses matrix manipulation to perform tasks such as analysing data and implementing algorithms. It is widely used in research and industry for data analysis and visualisation: for example it has very powerful 3D plotting tools. It includes Simulink, a graphical model based design tool, and now includes hardware interfaces to allow programming of Arduino and Mindstorm systems. UCL has a licence for all students and staff to use MATLAB both on UCL and home machines.

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Download and install MATLAB on your own computer here (requires UCL username and password)


Labview is a powerful graphical development environment that can be used for data acquisition, analysis and control. One of its most powerful features is its ability to connect to most common lab equipment.

How the UCL Racing team used Labview to gather performance data on their racecar

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This is the core virtual learning environment at UCL. Here you will find all the material relating to your courses, and also recorded lectures, discussion forums, and class lists. You will be automatically enrolled on all the courses you take, but do look out for other materials that may be useful to you.

Visit UCL Moodle

WISE for Built Environment, Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences

This is a set of information and resources about searching and evaluating information you might find on the web for your studies. It also covers how to reference and cite the material.

WISE for Built Environment, Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences Moodle Page 

Plagiarism and Academic Writing for Students

An introduction to what plagiarism is and isn’t, and how to go about writing in an academic style.

Plagiarism and Academic Writing for Students Moodle page


UCL has recently installed a system called Lecturecast in the majority of its fixed seat lecture theatres. Using it, staff can have their lectures recorded so that you can watch the slides and video back later.

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My Portfolio

During your time here you’ll create a lot of material: assignments, presentations, maybe even videos. The myportfolio system allows you to store and share all these materials in one secure place. It also allows you to create an online CV.

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Mathematica is a piece of computational software free to all students while studying at UCL. It is particularly useful as a symbolic calculator for solving a wide range of equations.


Autodesk is industry standard 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

See other software available through UCL, or at a discount, on the UCL ISD software page.


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