UCL Engineering offers several summer studentship programmes to students within the faculty:

  • Teaching and Learning Support Studentship
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme, and
  • EPSRC Vacation Studentships (also open to student in the Bartlett and the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
All offer a stipend for students to pursue a project developed in collaboration with an academic over a number of weeks in the summer. Projects can be pieces of research, videos to help in teaching, or developing new equipment. Students may apply to any, but only one, of these programmes, and so are invited to choose the one that suits them best. The deadline for all studentship applications is 28th March.

Teaching and Learning Support Studentship

These grants are intended to allow individual academics to work with (paid) undergraduate or postgraduate students to develop e-learning content or activities for use in Engineering courses. Examples of the types of project considered include:

  • Converting paper based problems to moodle quizzes or similar.
  • Creating interactive e-books or i-books from course material.
  • Developing videos, either as a substitute for live lectures or as introductory material.
  • Developing support material for student laboratories.

This list is not prescriptive, and all proposals will be considered. Staff and students may discuss a project together, or may send ideas separately to be matched with an appropriate partner.

The studentship will pay £220 per week for up to 8 weeks, typically starting from the beginning of July. Training will be provided appropriate to the requirements of the project.


Submission instructions:

Students should send their CV, a maximum of two pages long, including academic grades and skills appropriate to develop teaching materials (i.e. subjects studied, design, coding experience etc.) to Dani Galloway, by the 28th of March.

Staff wishing to supervise a student should send a one page description of the project proposed, including details of any innovative aspects and the improvements it will bring to their teaching, to Dani Galloway, by the 28th of March..

If staff and students have already discussed a project this should be made clear in both applications.

The selection committee will be chaired by Dr John Mitchell, who can be contacted for further details.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme

To encourage the best of our undergraduates to consider a career in R&D, and see the excitement of working at the leading edge in research, UCL Engineering will support up to 10 vacation studentships for students who have completed at least two years of an undergraduate degree in UCL, but are not in their final year. Dependent on circumstances, research groups may be required to match the funds given by the faculty to make up the full scholarship value.  The scheme is open to the students from MAPS or Engineering Sciences Faculties.

Details of the scheme:

  1. The UROS Committee (comprising academics from FES departments) will annually invite nominations and proposals, to be received by the 28th of March.
  2. The nominated submissions will include a CV from the student and a project description from the supervisor.
  3. The UROS Committee will select up to 10 of the best proposals/students and notify the selected participants by the end of May.
  4. The value of the studentship will be up to £3,000 (for up to 12 weeks).
  5. The UROS Committee will ask for a two-page report from the student and a brief report from the supervisor.  A half a day poster display (or presentation day – to be confirmed) will be held in FES to enable the judgement of the supported projects. An award of £250 will be made for the best project each year.  The report must be submitted by 30th September of each year.

Submission instructions:

Students should send their CV (a maximum of two pages long, to include
academic grades) and up to 400-word (maximum 1 page of A4) description
of the proposed research project to Dani Galloway. This should contain
a description of the problem, existing solutions and their shortcomings, and a description of the proposed solution, why it is better and what will be done during the UROS project including a brief methodology and explanation of techniques.
The supervisor should separately send to Ms Galloway a 100 word reference describing the student’s suitability for the project and the experience they will get during the UROS period.

The UROS Committee will be chaired by Professor Polina Bayvel, Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, who can be contacted for further details.

EPSRC Vacation Bursaries

UCL participates in the EPSRC vacation bursary scheme. Awards are normally calculated to reflect the recommended weekly stipend and consumables allowance, and pay a maximum stipend of £250 a week.

Proposal Criteria

  1. The project proposed must be within the EPSRC funding remit.
  2. The student must be enrolled on a UCL undergraduate degree programme, in a subject within the EPSRC remit, and should not be in their first or final year of study.
  3. Projects must have a clearly defined outcome and may not form part of a student’s degree programme. Proposers should think about how the bursary will provide the student with opportunities to explore and obtain research experience.
  4. The student must meet the EPSRC’s eligibility criteria by the end of their degree.
  5. The duration of the project should be between 4 weeks (minimum) and 10 weeks (maximum).

Proposals will be assessed based on their quality, planning and project management, benefit to the student in terms of training (including supervision arrangements), and the track record and academic potential of the student.

Submission instructions:

Proposals must be submitted by a UCL academic member of staff, who will act as the student’s supervisor during the project. Proposals should be in the form of a 1-side A4 case for support (maximum 11 pt. font, 2 cm margins all around) and a 2-side CV of the student. The case for support should include the name and Department of the supervisor, the name of the student, and the duration of the project. The cost of the project, including any reasonable request for travel, consumables or facility use, should also be detailed. All costs (except the weekly bursary) should be fully justified in the proposal.

Applications should be sent to a.ojugo@ucl.ac.uk by 5pm on Friday 28th March. For more  information please see the BEAMS research funding website (only accessible to current UCL staff and students).