Project Overview

Over the last year a group of students have been working together with a swiss charity with the prospect of building a 210 meter footbridge across a swamp, joining up two sides of a village, in Mozambique. In July 2010 we went to the village to perform a site investigation and interview the locals. Now we have the data we are coming up with potential solutions to the problem, the best solution could possibly be something else other than a bridge so now we are analyzing all the solutions and will implement the one we think best, hopefully next summer. This crossing will change the lives of the local communities and will provide work for some of the villagers also. Our biggest challenge is to raise the money for the construction, we are organizing some fund raising events but need help from everyone.

The Place

Conguiana is a village on the coast of the Inhambane province in Mozambique. The province is only 300 kilometers north of the relatively well developed capital Maputo yet it is still a very rural area where clean water is not easy to find and clean sanitation systems* are very scarce. The reasons behind such slow development in the area are due
to the very poor roads and transport systems between the capital and the province. The village Conguiana is close (4kM) to the fishing town of Tofu and is made up of about 750-800 people*. The village is split into two sides separated in the middle by the large swamp Phembana. On the one side there is the school, the clean water well and half of the villagers, on the other there is the ocean and the other half of the village.

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