Vivek Dua

Dr Vivek Dua

Chemical Engineering

020 7679 0002 (Ext.30002)


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Dr Vivek Dua is Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor for the UCL Department of Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

Dr Dua’s research interests are in developing novel modeling, design, control and optimisation tools for solving process and biological systems engineering problems to address the changing energy and healthcare needs of the society. In particular, model reduction and parameter estimation techniques are being developed to tackle the computational complexity of these problems. These techniques are being applied to solve real life problems in collaboration with the chemical industry and researchers from the biological disciplines.

> Process Optimisation under Uncertainty
> Process Design for Energy Efficiency
> Refinery-Wide Optimisation
> Solvent Extraction based Low-Temperature Water Desalination
> Model Reduction
> Parameter Estimation
> Neural Networks
> Modelling and Design of Biological Systems (Systems and Synthetic Biology)
> Gene Therapy

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