Tony Kenyon

Prof Tony Kenyon

Vice-Dean (Research)

020 7679 3270 (Ext.33270)


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Tony Kenyon is Professor of Nanoelectronic & Nanophotonic Materials and Vice-Dean (Research) in the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

Tony’s research covers nanostructured materials for photonics, plasmonics and electronics, self-assembled nanostructures, and new devices and materials for resistive switching – a sub-set of memristors.

Recent successes include: the development of a novel synthesis technique to form highly monodisperse linear arrays of metallic nanoparticles with extreme aspect ratios (Advanced Materials, 2012); realisation of fast, low-energy resistive switching in silicon oxide, opening up the possibility of a new memory technology to replace Flash devices (Journal of Applied Physics vol 111 (2012)); the development of erbium-doped silicon-based electroluminescent devices for on-chip integration (Optics Express vol 19 (2011) & Journal of Applied Physics vol 106 (2009)).

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