Terence Leung

Dr Terence Leung

Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering (Biomedical Eng)

020 7288 5670 (Ext.30272)


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Dr Terence Leung is a Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor in the UCL Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering.


Research Summary:  My main research involves the investigation of the interaction between light and sound, more specifically how acoustic waves influence the way light travels, a technique known as acousto-optics. My aim is to apply acousto-opitc techniques for clinical monitoring. We are developing a new acousto-optic probe which exploits focused ultrasound and near infrared light to measure regional oxygenation in the brain and muscle. Because of its focusing capability, the acousto-optic probe should provide a more accurate oxygenation measurement than the current optical techniques.

To understand the physics behind experimental observations, we have developed computer models for the interaction between light and sound based on Monte Carlo simulations and the Diffusion Equation. These models form a crucial part of an image reconstruction algorithm which will allow us to use acousto-optic data to reconstruct 3D images of oxygenation in organs such as the breast. We are also investigating the use of microbubbles, a clinical ultrasound agent, as a scattering contrast agent for optical monitoring. This technique may allow us to measure venous oxygen saturation in the jugular vein in the future. I am also interested in developing mobile phone Apps for physiological monitoring and healthcare applications, e.g., a cycling App for measuring a cyclist’s work output and an App to identify jaundice in newborn babies.

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