Robin Hirsch

Prof Robin Hirsch

Computer Science (MSc)

020 7679 1379 (Ext.31379)


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Robin Hirsch is the MSc Postgraduate Departmental Tutor in the UCL Department of Computer Science.  He is also director of the London Logic Forum which brings together eminent logicians from various academic institutions in London.

Robin Hirsch’s research focusses primarily on the theory of binary relations.  The principal algebraic formalism for binary relations is relation algebra and Robin has written the key textbook on this topic.  Binary relations are much harder to deal with than unary relations and Robin’s approach (jointly with Ian Hodkinson) is based on a simple two player game to test consistency of assertions about binary relations.  Using these games Robin has established various complexity results, including the undecidability of the representation problem for finite relation algebras.  Robin has conducted extensive research in other algebras of relations, e.g. cylindric, polyadic, domain, kleene algebras, etc.

Robin has published research in a wide range of fields including graph theory, relativity theory, argumentation, constraint satisfaction and planning.

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