Magnus Nydén is a Professor of Applied Surface Chemistry and an Adjunct Professor at Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Queensland. He also holds an Honorary Professorship at UCL.

Magnus is a physical chemist and together with his colleagues he has published more than 140 papers in the following categories: surfactants and polymers in solutions, polymer and colloid gels, microencapsulation, polymers at interfaces, marine antibiofouling, controlled release, coatings, diffusion in porous materials, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Magnus holds nine patents and has ten years of experience of company consulting. He started CAPECO AB, a company producing microcapsules for controlled-release applications, together with colleagues from Chalmers business school. From a research perspective he is best known for his work in diffusion studies in micro-heterogeneous porous materials. In a recent web of science investigation he was ranked among the top 20 scientists in the world having a focus on NMR diffusion in porous materials.

Magnus current research interests are in sustainable materials for marine antibiofouling technologies and new tools and methods for better control of product quality in the processing industry.

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