Haroun Mahgerefteh

Prof Haroun Mahgerefteh

Chemical Engineering (MSc)

020 7679 3835 (Ext.33835)


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Haroun Mahgerefteh’s  main research expertise is in Safety and Loss Prevention in the oil and gas industries, particularly modelling highly transient multi-phase flows following pipeline rupture. The accurate prediction of such data is essential as it serves as the source term for determining all the failure consequences associated with pipeline failure, including fire, atmospheric dispersion, explosion and environmental pollution. My work in this area has already found significant applications in the oil and gas industry as well as the Health and Safety Executive.

I have recently extended my research work to the hazard and materials assessment for the next generation CO2 pipelines used as part of the Carbon Capture and Sequestration chain. I am the coordinator of European Commission FP7 projects, CO2PipeHaz and CO2QUEST involving collaboration between 18 academic institutions and industry partners across Europe, Canada and China as well as co-investigator in EPSRC MATTRAN and National Grid COOLTRANS projects.

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