UCL STEaPP student launches entrepreneurial gender equality project

11 July 2017

GameIn is a new project that aims to break harmful gender stereotypes through information and communication technology.

UCL STEaPP’s Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) student Eliana Camargo has been collaborating with an international team of CEOs, government officials and technology experts on the ambitious project. The multi-platform, multi-stakeholder engagement initiative was launched in response to Sustainable Development Goal 5 on Gender Equality (SDG 5) and came about as a result of Eliana’s visit to the World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai as part of her MPA.

At the Summit, Eliana attended the ‘SDGs in Action’ programme, which focused on using technology to meet the sustainable development goals by improving political participation, stakeholder engagement, public services, communication and collaboration.

Eliana worked with a diverse group of individuals to generate ideas on the best ways to make SDG 5 a reality by 2030. She explains: “ICT can not only promote and empower women to achieve gender equality, it can teach and encourage youth to disrupt gender norms and biases that dictate what women and girls should do, how they should dress and behave, and what professions they are expected to pursue. These stereotypes do not move us towards the common goal of gender equality for the benefit of all.”

An international commitment-based experience

Eliana presents on GameIn

The team stayed connected after the Summit, and as a result of several Skype meetings, an online portal prototype was developed. The portal acts as a hub for global gender equality initiatives. The group also secured the support of the United Arab Emirates government to develop the project further and present the idea at the Science Technology and Innovation Forum in United Nations in New York in May 2017.

What does GameIn do?

GameIn uses multi-platforms like Twitter and Viber to debate, raise awareness, engage different stakeholders and scale-up projects that can be replicated in different contexts. The project is focused around four areas:

Challenging gender norms: the platform generates focused online campaigns tackling a range of specific issues. Multi-lingual campaigns take hard-hitting statistics in form of infographics and share them with a wide audience.

Raising awareness: GameIn aims to start dialogues on a specific issue to fill gaps in public conversation. The project will reach out to targeted audiences through existing social media platforms and raise awareness through Twitter and Viber chats.

Multi-stakeholder engagement: direct calls to action are targeted at young people and also draw in specific ministers, celebrities, decision-makers.

Sharing ideas and taking action: localised campaigns and projects will be collated in an interactive map. GameIn will identify ideas that could be scaled up in different contexts. The platform also connects groups or actors with needs with the appropriate solutions and strategic partners.

In the long-term, campaigns through advertising channels, social media, and educational outlets are also planned to open up dialogues on social norms with children.

The future of GameIn

Eliana with two of the GameIn team

The team are calling for the engagement of gender equality campaigns and initiatives to join their online portal. They are also looking for sponsors and technical support to provide a robust and complete platform and social media strategy.

To find out more about the project or if you are interested in getting involved you can follow the initiative on Twitter or email the team.

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