29 September 2016

The UCL School of Management has announced that it has expanded its premises to now include a new space on the 38th floor of the iconic One Canada Square, Canary Wharf in London.

One of the new lecture theatres at Canary Wharf

One of the brand new lecture theatre’s at UCL School of Management’s new home in Canary Wharf

The space has been designed specifically to enhance the School’s ability to create disruptive research and entrepreneurial leaders for the complex, interconnected world of the future.

The School’s strategic location on Level 38 of One Canada Square places it at the heart of London’s financial and business centre, giving students and staff unique access to a wide variety of leading innovators, thought leaders and businesses, including Level39, Europe’s largest fintech accelerator on the floor above.

Designed by leading architects Levitt Bernstein in collaboration with UCL Estates as part of the Transforming UCL programme and the School’s director Professor Bert De Reyck, the space takes cues from of startups and tech companies, known for fostering innovative working environments.

The expansion will attract academic talent from across the world and will also help the School provide world-class facilities that correspond with the quality of its teaching and research.

Bert De Reyck, director of UCL School of Management, said:

“We are a new business school with a new approach, so unlike traditional business schools, we place a unique focus on innovation, technology, analytics, and entrepreneurship. The new premises will further reflect this distinction.

“Being located at the heart of the Canary Wharf business district gives us a clear competitive advantage from which our students and faculty will benefit. We are excited to take this opportunity to develop deep connections with the business community around us, not least the growing fintech scene, which will enhance our ability to produce world-leading research, economic and societal impact and innovative education.”

Matthew Goulcher, Managing Director of Levitt Bernstein, said:

“One of the most important parts of this brief was designing a space that reflected the unique identity of the UCL School of Management, differentiating it from traditional business schools. The School needed a new space that reflected its new approach, one that married form and content, so consequently the new premises forgoes formality and encourages a culture of openness and collaboration. By using broken geometries across the whole floorplate we’ve created informal spaces and shared breakout areas which allow for serendipitous meetings between students and faculty, with the aim of sparking unexpected conversations and shared creative thinking.”

Sir George Iacobescu CBE, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Canary Wharf Group, said:

“We are delighted to welcome University College London, one of the world’s top-ranked universities, to Canary Wharf. The environment at Canary Wharf will help UCL School of Management attract the brightest postgraduates who will benefit from proximity to world-class business and professional services institutions in a 115,000 strong working community. UCL School of Management students will be able to experience the unique fusion we offer between business and technology with access to business networks, technology corporates, entrepreneurs and innovators from the 200-strong community of startups at Level39. This community now extends to over 80,000 sq ft in the globally recognised One Canada Square. We also hope students will enjoy the one million sq ft of retail and extensive arts and events programmes here at Canary Wharf.”

On one single floor, a full range of university facilities is being provided, including all necessary teaching, research, administrative, social and support facilities. Some key aspects to note include:

● Villages: The floor has been divided into six distinct zones which each serve different aspects of the School’s work and have their own unique identities, defined by different colours and textures. These zone are termed as ‘villages,’ offices and meeting rooms arranged around a central shared space.

Lecture theatres: There are two state of the art lecture theatres, one in the northeast and one in the southeast corner of the 38th floor, with capacities of 70 and 85, respectively. Both are Harvard-style, with seats in an intimate semi-circular and tiered format. This shape ensures that all students are close to the lecturer allowing for a more immersive educational experience, as well as creating a more informal environment encouraging discussion.

Student hub: A hub space welcomes visitors on arrival and features an informal seating area, where students can meet away from the villages. This area is ready for ‘touchdown’ working, where students can sit and work when they want.

The views: The entrances to each of the villages are open, allowing glimpses both into the spaces but also views of the London skyline beyond. Being situated on 38th floor provides stunning views of the capital. These views have been deliberately considered in the design, with visitors able to orientate themselves around the different zones using their different identities and views as signposts.

From September 2016 on, the new premises in Canary Wharf will be the new home for the School’s postgraduate programmes, and also the School’s research activities. Undergraduate degrees will remain at the iconic UCL Bloomsbury campus, giving all students and staff the benefits offered by both locations.

Amongst the courses which will be taught in the Canary Wharf premises are the MSc Management, the School’s most popular programme, the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship programme and the brand-new MSc Business Analytics and MSc Finance programmes.

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