Niloy J. Mitra receives ACM SIGGRAPH ‘Significant New Researcher’ Award

22 July 2013

Dr Niloy Mitra, UCL Computer ScienceNiloy Mitra (UCL Computer Science) recieves the 2013 ACM SIGGRAPH Significant New Researcher Award at the 2013 SIGGRAPH conference for his innovative and influential contributions to geometric analysis of shapes, 3D modelling techniques and computational design tools. ACM SIGGRAPH is the Association for Computing Machinery‘s special interest group devoted to computer graphics and interactive techniques, and each year presents a small number of awards to recognize exception achievement in these fields. The Significant New Researcher Award is given to people who have already made a notable contribution very early in their careers and are likely to make more.


Work by Niloy Mitra of UCL Computer science

Niloy’s work involves automatically identifying symmetries in complicated structures such as this dragon statuette

Currently based within the Virtual Environments and Computer Science research group in UCL Computer science, the hallmark of Niloy’s research has been the development of mathematical and computational foundations to discover and use the structure and function of 3D objects. He has successfully applied this philosophy to develop computational frameworks for smart and intuitive acquisition, manipulation, and synthesis of fabrication- and function- aware 3D geometry.

Niloy has made key contributions in the area of acquisition and modelling of geometry. His early research included important contributions to estimating surface normals in noisy point cloud data, local and global registration of 3D shapes, and scan completion using geometric priors. He developed algorithms for detecting symmetry and regularity in unorganized 3D geometry and later proposed 3D modeling tools such as the iWires and the Smart Variations systems for manipulation and synthesis of man-made 3D models.

Design for architecture informed by computational geometric techniques: by Niloy Mitra of UCl Computer Science

An architectural design, optimised using computational geometrical techniques to be efficient to manufacture, despite having flowing, organic form.

He has also introduced algorithms for exploring the design space of 3D shapes that can be fabricated using current methods, such as a tool for modelling 3D shapes that cast intriguing shadows, a method for automatically panelling freeform surfaces, and more recently, provided a computational solution for design exploration of useable furniture. The impact of this work goes well beyond the computer graphics community as he and his colleagues interact with practicing designers, architects and engineers, with projects including a redesign of the viewing deck of Eiffel tower.

The ACM SIGGRAPH award committee said:

“Niloy consistently demonstrates creative and new approaches to identifying and addressing geometric problems with important design and fabrication applications. We are delighted to recognize his vision and accomplishments with the 2013 Significant New Researcher Award.”

Dr Mitra says:

“It feels really special to receive the award, which reiterates how much the community believes in the importance of handling big data for 3D geometry. I am very excited to be working on this topic and in a position to set the trends in this emerging area.”

See the video below for an overview of some of Niloy’s work, or visit his webpage to view his papers, code and many more specific videos.


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