Mark Miodownik wins 2014 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

11 November 2014

Huge congratulations to Mark Miodowinik, Professor of Materials and Society, at UCL Mechanical Engineering who was unanimously awarded the 2014 Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books for his book: Stuff Matters: The Strange Stories of the Marvellous Materials That Shape Our Man Made World.

This prestigious annual prize is awarded for outstanding books that celebrate popular science and is open to authors of science books written for a non-specialist audience.

In winning the £25,000 prize, Mark follows in the footsteps of previous winners such as Steven Hawking, Bill Bryson and James Gleick.

Mark is the fourth winner to have come from UCL in the last two decades. The others are Nick Lane (2010: Life Ascending), Chris McManus (2003: Right Hand, Left Hand) and Steve Jones (1994: The Language of the Genes)

Mark said:

“I am surprised but very pleased. I could never done it without the support of my colleagues at UCL Engineering, what a creative place to work!”

You can see a short interview with Mark on the Royal Society Youtube channel below.

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