“Build your own Drug Discovery Lab” Biochemical Engineering Masterclass Series

31 January 2016
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19279300661_7d9e05cf49_bUCL Biochemical Engineering, an interdisciplinary department at the forefront of science and 
technology that pioneered biochemical engineering education and research in the UK, is inviting Year 7 – Year 12 pupils from schools across London to learn about novel engineering tools in drug discovery and build their very own drug discovery lab. Biochemical engineers translate exciting discoveries in life sciences into practical materials and processes contributing to human health and well-being. They are key players in the greatest biomedical challenges – but also biomedical breakthroughs – that lie ahead including the preparation of vaccines for the treatment of diseases as diverse as HIV, AIDS, Ebola and cancer as well as the construction of tissue engineered replacement body parts.
Two key challenges that biochemical engineers face include coping with the ever more complex and delicate materials that are emerging as potential medicines and increasing the speed with which these drugs can be brought from initial discovery through to the patient and to cut production costs. In this Masterclass series pupils are invited to act as biochemical engineering researchers that have to P1040946meet global challenges relating to the development of novel medicines using novel engineering tools to aid drug discovery. Pupils will be invited to learn about modern applications of biocatalysis as a key technology for drug discovery and production, exploring how robotic technology is assisting the automation process of drug discovery while reducing material, energy and labour costs, resulting in cheaper, more widely available spectrum of drugs.

If you would like to book this masterclass for your pupils, please email Dr Elpida Makrygianni at e.makriyannis @

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