An Eiffel lot of Engineering

17 May 2012


A feminine, yet statuesque work of towering intellectual prowess, and the Eiffel tower

"For every action, there is an Eiffel and opposite reaction" - The winning photo by Katie Manescu

UCL Engineering set our students a challenge – to take their E-shirts out with them on their work, play and travel, and show us through photos what they do with what what we teach them. Katie Ramescu, of Biochemical Engineering, showed us her respect pour l’ing√©nieur, and lack of respect for scale, with this shot of the Eiffel Tower.

For her capturing of a classic instance of nineteenth century engineering and romance Рand a groan-worthy title pun РKatie wins £200 of STA travel vouchers and our best wishes for her onward, engineering-fuelled travels.

You can see the other entrants on our interactive world map, kindly made for us by CEGE spin-out Mapping for Change. Though the prize competition has now closed, we’d be thrilled to see any more photos you’d like to add to it.

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