London Ocean Group


Welcome to the webpages of the London Ocean Group!   We are all academic researchers from universities across London (and beyond) who study topics relating to the ocean.  The group is currently coordinated by Dr Helen Czerski of UCL.   We welcome members from any area of ocean study who either live or work in London, and who would like to connect with others in these fields.    Currently we have about 50 members from eight universities, and we are relatively new so we hope that this number will grow significantly over the next year.   The aim of the group is to provide a forum for these researchers to get to know each other and to learn about the research being carried out here in London.   We are planning to hold a meeting every 6-8 weeks, each with two short academic talks from either our members or visitors to London.   The long-term aim is to move towards being a virtual oceanography institution for London, with a cross-disciplinary community that can share knowledge and build collaborations based on those new links.

Recent News
18 Nov 2016

Oceans have been the least well-known major component of the Earth’s environment. Whilst deep ocean exploration has enabled great advances in understanding the nature of sea floors, we are only recently starting to understand patterns of marine circulation and how these have changed over time. Scientists are also finding increasing evidence of human-induced damage at vast scale – destruction of fish and coral ecosystems, and vast gyrating pools of plastic refuse, for example. What attempts are being made to reduce the footprint of human activity on the oceans, and can they succeed in restoring the largest living space on earth? Read more at