Chemical Engineering



Chemical engineers take raw materials, reactions and ideas and scale them up into sustainable solutions for large-scale production. Pretty much all manufacturing and processing needs chemical engineers, whether they make drinking water, cosmetics, bullet-proof polymers or renewable fuel.


Some reasons to study Chemical Engineering at UCL…

UCL’s chemical engineering lecturers are working to develop exciting new ways for students to learn. The departmental lab facilities are carefully designed to give students practical experience in working with a wide range of systems and processes and to discovering for themselves the key fundamental principles of the subject.
The experimental work is carefully integrated with theoretical modules to give graduates a clear understanding of how and why chemical processes behave the way they do, which enables graduates to contribute to a greener and more sustainable process and manufacturing industry.


In the Department

Other facilities & areas across UCL



For further information on available degree programmes, entry requirements, UCAS codes, Accommodation and Fees please click on the following link.

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