Our Graduates

There are lots of good graduates from good universities. What’s so special about those from UCL Engineering?

There are some things you’d expect from every top university: high entry standards, high standards of teaching, high standards of examination.

UCL Engineering graduates offer you more in 4 ways



           Systemic thinking and problem solving 

Whether our graduates  pursue a career in an engineering discipline or not (and two-thirds don’t), the ability to analyse a problem and logically lead to a solution is invaluable in many careers.



      Practical experience

Engineering is a discipline about the appliance of science to the real world.  We place an even greater emphasis on this at UCL Engineering – students will be working on practical projects not just in their final year but all the way through their course.


offeringThree      Teamwork

      Related to the last point, and of great importance to employers, students get used to working with others right from the start.



offeringFour       Big Ideas

      Students are encouraged to change the world – to extend themselves and to make a real difference.  There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about       our graduates.