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Centres for Doctoral Training

Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) are centres of excellence for PhD level training in an industrially relevant topic.  Students receive high level teaching, industrial experience, and gain valuable theoretical and practical training.
A CDT’s programme is structured to ensure students study the fundamental topics in their first year, and go on to design their own doctoral project with collaboration from a relevant company. This provides ‘real world’ relevance to their study, and allows companies to explore fundamental research questions in a university environment.

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Conception: A PhD entrepreneurship programme for UCL engineering


An increasing number of PhD students in UCL Engineering are creating companies based  on their cutting-edge research inspired by the success of previous UCL companies like DeepMind and Satalia. While technical know-how is crucial to a start-up’s success, it is equally important to have entrepreneurial know-how and industry knowledge. Experienced entrepreneurs, industry professionals and investors are able to fill the knowledge gap that many students may lack. Conception takes a novel idea, then builds a team of PhDs, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and clients to accelerate the development of a Minimum Viable Product with lower risk. The programme focuses on team building, combined with investment and a light-touch training and mentoring programme, to create leading tech start-ups.

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Insights into Emerging Technology


UCL supports small businesses in the capital to access the skills and expertise of academics and students, and encourages the sharing of knowledge between different business sectors. These short courses provide an overview of the latest technologies, aimed at both innovators in business and UCL students who wish to learn more about technology transfer to an enterprise setting.

We provide a forum to share inspirations and ideas, a collaborative environment to develop model and plans, and the network of skilled people to make things happen.

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The value of practical experience in the workplace allows our students to gain valuable experience of the work environment, but it also allows the sponsor or host organisation to explore a project that might otherwise not be achievable, carried out with a fresh pair of eyes and perhaps a fresh perspective on their own organisation and possibly provide an informal extended interview of a potential employee.

UCL Talent Bank is a targeted shortlisting service to help you source good quality UCL candidates efficiently. We invite appropriate UCL candidates to apply for the vacancy by sending emails direct to students, PhD researchers and graduates, and promoting your role via academic departments and UCL’s jobs board, UCL Job Online. We then send you suitable shortlisted UCL candidate applications.

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Graduate Recruitment

We have a history of success in producing high calibre graduates, whose well-rounded skills are highly valued by employers within not only the Engineering industries, but also in many other fields such as IT, Finance and Consultancy Services.

We are always keen to developing strategic partnerships with companies to assist our students in their development while they are here as well as to enable them to progress once they have left us.

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License projects through UCLB

For businesses seeking specific technology solutions, UCLB provides the commercial expertise, legal advice and administrative support required to broker licensing agreements, allowing companies to fully exploit unique technologies with the knowledge that exclusivity and market advantage is preserved.

Through UCLB, academics wishing to license technology have access to comprehensive support services, with Business Managers assisting throughout the process from initial negotiation to concluding contracts.

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Student Industry Projects

Undergraduates work real life projects with industry clients, providing innovative solutions to practical problems. Businesses get a fresh perspective and the chance to work with some of our brightest students, whilst students have the opportunity to apply their learning and test their understanding of how it applies outside academia.

We invite companies interested in offering our Masters students a sandwich year in industry to get in touch with us! UCL now has a highly innovative 2 year Masters degree, with a year in industry open to students on all of our communications engineering MSc and MRes programmes in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. Students apply in their first term for exclusive year-long paid internships at companies both in the UK and overseas. If successful, postgraduate students then complete an extended industry-focused project whilst being mentored and paid by industry. MSc programmes included in this scheme include:


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If you are interested in getting involved with student industry projects, contact Jane Butler