How to change the world

2-13 June 2014

A New Mandatory Course for all Second Year Engineering Students

Third and Fourth Year Students Welcome as Teaching Assistants

At its core, engineering is about changing the world. Combining technical prowess with social understanding and design skills, engineers reshape our world by devising and bringing into being solutions to some of our societies’ most pressing challenges. In this vein, in the last two weeks of the 3rd term (2-13 June 2014), UCL Engineering is pioneering a new course for all second year undergraduate students that will challenge and enhance our students’ abilities to apply their disciplinary skills to help address a variety of real world problems faced by real world organisations.

During these two intensive weeks of activity (running Monday to Friday on both weeks), a variety of global organisations – all of whom employ engineers in a wide range of capacities – will come to UCL to present students with challenge problems. Working in multidisciplinary cohorts and groups, students will devise – and where possible, prototype – creative solutions to these challenge problems. Along the way, a programme of themed lectures, facilitated workshops and group studio time will provide training and spur creativity. This programme will move through themes of How to Change the World… SustainablyEquitably, and Collaboratively, and expose students to skills for mobilising change through BusinessPublic Policy, and Social Change.

Throughout the programme, students will have the opportunity to interact with leaders and practitioners from some of the world’s top international employers of engineers. Awards and further project development opportunities will be given to student groups with the proposed solutions deemed by panels of expert judges to be the most creative and effective. Further information on the programme will become available on the website above in the late autumn, and in early 2014 students will be asked to register their preferences for the challenge problem they would like to work on for the two week programme.

This course will count as credit towards your degree and participation is mandatory. Exceptions will only be made under exceptional circumstances, and requests must be made to the Engineering faculty office through your course tutors. (NOTE: The precise credit mechanism varies slightly between Departments, but in all cases credit will be counted towards your third year)

This programme is being led by UCL Engineering as part of the Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP) and our new Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (UCL STEaPP). It will involve participation of all disciplines and programmes in UCL Engineering.

Second year students who have any questions about this course should contact Dr John Mitchell and Dr Jason Blackstock (course directors) at: ku.ca1537439798.lcu@1537439798ppaet1537439798s1537439798.

Students in their third or fourth years who are interested in the possibility of being a teaching assistant for the course can sign themselves up to the ‘engscifac-htctw’ mailing list here , where information about these opportunities will be disseminated.

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