What is EWB Outreach?

EWB Outreach is run solely by volunteers whose aims are to motivate children about sustainable development and engineering in general.

Outreach is a programme within EWB designed to inform young people about global development issues. Our volunteers go into schools, where they talk to students about their experiences as engineering students, what engineering really is and how the world around us has been designed and created by engineers. And while an engineer might have designed your smartphone, an engineer also helped improve the basic living standards of people around the world.

We focus on teaching students about the world they don’t see every day and the problems millions of people face every day. We aim to inspire students to choose a career where they will be able to change the world because that’s what we want to do.

At the moment UCL branch runs a workshop called ‘Water for the World’, focusing on what the water situation is around the world, highlighting the differences in different parts of the world and how even the smallest things can make a difference to the quality of people’s lives. We then run an activity where students get to build their own water filters from plastic bottles, sand and gravel. It has always been a success in the past and we have great fun with the kids. We are hoping to develop some new workshops this year. So if you have any innovative ideas you are passionate about and would like to contribute to the programme, join the team.

Outreach is a great way to develop a wide range of skills and be involved in the local community. Being part of our Outreach team will give you a great sense of achievement and a feeling that you have made a difference aside from developing transferrable skills necessary for your future career.

So why not join EWB Outreach and be the one to inspire the next generation of engineers? See Get Involved section for more information on how to join.

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