Letter of Appreciation sent to Engineers Without Borders Team for work in Nepal’s Earthquake Zone

23 July 2015

nepal_earthquakeThe Leadership of the Nepalese NGO – Team for Nature and Wildlife, (or TNW) – has sent the UCL Engineers Without Borders Society a letter of appreciation for their help in building an earthquake-resistant school for underprivileged children in the Sunkhani, Dolakha district of Nepal.

The Sunkhani, Dolakha region was the epicentre of the Nepal’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake on 12th May, considered to be an aftershock of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April, killing over 9,000 people.


Despite the village suffering huge levels of destruction the school building, jointly constructed in 2012/13 by UCL EWB and TNW, stood up and survived the earthquake.

Letter of Appreciation

A letter of appreciationThe letter, from BK Dalit, Leadership-TNW, reads:

The school building that we built with your hard work, efforts and contribution is safe and without any damage.  I would look forward to working with EWB-UCL and team members in our future social initiatives

The correspondence, which can be viewed here, is addressed to EWB, UCL and Team Members Kirsty Revell, Paul Davies, Oyin Adeniji and Jacob Borchers.