EWB-UCL: A Fresher’s FAQ

27 September 2017

With fresher’s fair nearly here and the efforts to recruit new members for EWB-UCL in full swing, there’s a couple of questions we as a committee are asked quite often. LORENA SANCHEZ, who has been involved with the society for a few years – and most recently, is our current society manager – sat down to answer these very queries. Here’s what she has to say…

Q: What is international development?
International development is a broad concept that encompasses many different goals. In the context of EWB-UCL, it means tackling global issues through international collaboration and ensuring that access to technology and infrastructure is not a barrier to alleviating poverty in developing countries.

Q: Why and where is it needed?
There is a need for development everywhere, in both urban and rural areas. However, some countries and regions are more vulnerable than others, and many places still lack the basic infrastructure needed in order for people to live full, healthy lives and reach their maximum potential. As engineers, we strive to identify which areas in the world are in most need and develop and plan for projects with a long-term vision of sustainability.

Q: How do engineers assist in international development?
By harnessing the particular skills and expertise of engineers in all disciplines, there is a potential to facilitate human development in those communities where resources are scarce and there is a need for engineering-related projects.

Q: How does EWB-UCL contribute?
As a University Member Group, EWB-UCL builds upon the work that EWB-UK, EWB International, and many other international organisations do by using engineering as a catalyst for change and enabling sustainable human development.

Q: Why should I get involved with EWB-UCL?
If you have ever wondered how to you can use your engineering skills in the real world and make a true difference, EWB-UCL is a great place to start! There are many hands-on opportunities available to UCL students who are eager to put their knowledge and talents to good use, both in the day-to-day management of the society and for international projects.

For any more questions that you’d like Lorena (or the rest of the committee!) to answer, feel free to send us an email at gro.k1532187304u-bwe1532187304@lcu.1532187304eetti1532187304mmoc1532187304!