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Ways to get involved with EWB-UCL


  • Come to our events– it’s the best way to meet the team and chat about our Overseas Development Projects, Outreach, Events, or Training. Check out the events calendar  for more informationEmail us or fill in the contact form here saying what your interests are, what activities you would be interested in to be involved in and how much time you would be happy to dedicate to EWB UCL- we will surely find something that is suitable for you
  • Apply for one of our vacancies– if there are any openings, we will advertise them in this section. If any of them are in your interest- send us your CV and a Cover Letter; we will be happy to get you on board and give you some serious responsibility!
  • You can also get involved by simply contributing with whatever you can– be it your IT skills (our website always needs to be taken care of), your design skills (perhaps a poster or a banner you would like to suggest? We are always in need of marketing materials!) or film-making skills (we are keen to make a short documentary about the amazing work EWB UCL does!) – simply get in touch by sending an email to here.
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Recent News
16 Oct 2015

The last month feels like it’s been a whirlwind of excitement for all members of the current EWB-UCL Committee. It all began with departmental talks during Freshers Week where we...
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