EngEx Resources

The EngEx wants to produce and make available resources relevant to the work of local groups to improve their communities.

We are building a research and tools depository that we hope will be of interest to communities and engineers. Please contact us with ideas for resources you would like to see developed, or questions about an area of interest. Access the resources below by following the links, or use the menu on the right hand side of this page.

Please keep visiting this page as we update it with further resources. And do get in touch if you have suggestions of ways to make this information more widely accessible!

For information about what the EngEx has accomplished, including projects and activities, please download our Annual Report.

Visit the Community Forums page for reports on the research events we held with the London Sustainability Exchange.

For suggested starting places for applying for funding for community projects and research, visit Funding Opportunities.


For presentations given as part of the launch event for the community consultation on our report ‘Green Infrastructure for London: A review of the evidence’ and the draft report itself, visit Green Infrastructure

For videos, fact sheets, a report and a community toolkit on decision-making around demolition and refurbishment of social housing in London, visit Demolition or Refurbishment

Download the MSc Naval Architecture thesis designing a zero emissions canal barge, aimed at improving air quality by reducing road traffic freight.

A stack of the Engineering Exchange's printed resources