How We Work

The Engineering Exchange provides a ‘match-making’ service for community groups and engineers to tackle problems facing London communities. We help with initial project scoping, and support where needed with achieving deliverables. We provide de-briefing at the end of the project, which may lead to further phases of work.

Anyone is welcome to contact us with an idea or problem, but we may not be able to help with every project. There must be a clear engineering outcome, and both parties must commit to the length of the project. Our ability to help will depend on our contacts’ availability and skills.

We have also launched a London-wide pro bono network, both to widen the pool of knowledge we can offer to communities, and to enable engineering and built environment industry partners to offer their skills in service to local communities. For more information, please visit our Membership page.

You can read our project protocols here: Community Group Protocol; Engineer Protocol; Member Protocol

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss further.