Demolition or Refurbishment of Social Housing



Demolition of homes is among the most contentious issues in urban regeneration. Just Space and the London Tenants Federation commissioned the Engineering Exchange and the UCL Urban Laboratory to review the technical evidence for demolition or refurbishment of social housing in London.

The review found that housing refurbishment is often better than demolition and reconstruction, when considering social, environmental and energy factors. Further, demolition decisions for buildings are often taken by professional experts and developers, without adequate engagement with local residents and communities. Good decision making in regeneration also requires thoughtful assessment of financial and technical information, within a context of meaningful engagement with residents and communities.

We developed a series of resources for understanding the issues around demolition or refurbishment of social housing in London. To view the written outputs (both technical and non-technical), click on the orange boxes below, under ‘Resources’. You can also scroll down to watch short films summarising key points relating to health and well-being, embodied carbon, and decision-making, from both an academic and a resident’s perspective.

For more information or to provide feedback on the project, please contact us.




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