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Upcoming CPD

The next EngEx Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course will take place 5th – 8th March, 2018. We are pleased to offer our well-established 1-day training on working with communities. There will also be the option to attend an additional 3 days of training, to learn about setting up an Engineering Exchange at your own institution.

Please check back or contact us for details or to register your interest. In the meantime, a basic outline of the 4 days is as follows:

    • – Day 1: Working with Communities – our standard 1-day short course for engineers and graduate students. See below for details.
    • – Day 2: The Engineering Exchange (principles, theories and core activities); Site visit to community based project in London.
    • – Day 3: Project management, protocols and evaluation methods; Community outreach and recruitment; Site visit to infrastructure project in London.
    • – Day 4: Navigating the institution (internal stakeholders, funding, communication); Next steps for your work.


Previous CPD: green infrastructure

    • As part of our NERC-funded project ‘Community Partnerships for Green Infrastructure in London’, the EngEx held a CPD ‘Working with Communities: Practical skills for green infrastructure practitioners’. Content differed from our usual CPD (as outlined below). You can watch a video with some of the content concerning green infrastructure here:

Working with Communities: Practical Skills for Engineers

The Engineering Exchange offers a one-day training for engineers, academics and researchers who want to improve their skills in engaging with communities.

You’ll learn:

        •  – How engineering research and practice can contribute to local communities
        •  – How to address community needs and opportunities directly in engineering projects
        •  – How engaging with communities can deliver better engineering outcomes
        •  – Skills to improve how you engage with community groups in your professional practice or research
        •  – Practical ideas for improving engagement in your own work.

 You’ll also have the opportunity to:

              • – Build professional networks within the field
              • – Work with a group of like-minded colleagues
              • – Network with potential project partners at our community events


                  1. 1. Analyse and articulate the benefits to communities, engineering and society of better engagement between engineers and community groups.
                  2. 2. Determine levels of engagement between community groups and engineering projects and processes.
                  3. 3. Explain technical concepts and the value of engineering to local communities.
                  4. 4. Know how to work with community groups to define their needs and objectives for engineering engagement.
                  5. 5. Identify opportunities for improving community engagement within a specific engineering project or discipline.

Who should take this course?

                  • – Engineers at any career level who want to gain skills in working with communities
                  • – Engineers working towards Chartered Engineer (CEng); Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Engineering Technician (EngTech) qualification (UKSpec E-group competences)
                  • – Engineers who want to increase their research impact through community engagement

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements. You don’t need any previous experience working with communities to take this course.

Fees and booking

The rate is £300 per day. This includes access to online learning resources, lunch and refreshments. Discounts are available.



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