Engineering Exchange

Who are we?

The Engineering Exchange is a network of engineers, built environment specialists and Londoners who are committed to making UCL Engineering expertise available to communities, while helping staff and students align their work with local needs.

For an overview of our recent work, you can read our annual report (click here: EngEx 2017). Or, you can also watch our short video ‘Introducing the Engineering Exchange’ below:

Get involved!

Working with communities:

If you are a community group in London with a project idea, a question we can help answer, or a technical problem you want to solve, we would love to hear from you!

We match community groups with engineers, working together to find answers and solutions. We specialise in problems related to technology, infrastructure and the environment. This includes issues like energy, water, waste, air quality, information and communications technologies, noise, pollution, buildings, transport, mapping, etc.

We may not be able to solve every problem or tackle every project, but we will do our best to help. You can read our community group and engineer project protocols to understand how we work.

If you have any ideas, problems or questions, please contact us.

Working with engineers and researchers:

If you are an engineer or researcher interested in working with communities, please get in touch! You can help to expand our register of engineers we can call on for specific projects.

We provide training in community work and advice on community-based projects. We also offer grant-writing support for EngEx-related projects. Contact us to learn more.

How are we funded?

The Engineering Exchange is funded by UCL’s Faculty of Engineering and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. We’ve also received public engagement grants from the EPSRC, NERC and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Please contact us to discuss opportunities to get involved. If you want to donate immediately, you can also visit our giving and support page.

Stay in touch

Follow us on Twitter @uclengex and visit our Facebook page.

You can also email us at engex (at)

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