Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Chemical engineers develop processes to change raw materials into useful everyday products. They serve the world’s needs, making everything from fuels and pharmaceuticals through to cosmetics and synthetic fibres. What’s more, they must do it sustainably, safely, and cost-effectively, while avoiding damage to the planet. Situated in the heart of London, UCL’s Chemical Engineering Department is one of the top research and teaching departments in the UK, achieving world class standing.

For students, we offer a range of first degree and post-graduate programmes in chemical engineering. These include four-year MEng degrees, some giving the opportunity for one-year’s study abroad in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, or the USA, a three-year BEng, and a one-year MSc in Chemical Process Engineering as well as a full PhD programme. All our taught-course programmes are accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

Research is a major departmental activity. 75% of our staff are rated as of world-leading or internationally excellent quality in the UK’s most recent independent Research Assessment Exercise, demonstrating that our academic staff are leaders in their fields.

Our research is grouped into three main areas: multiphase systems, chemical and catalytic reaction engineering and computer aided process engineering. Within these, research topics include: energy; particle technology, including crystallization and fluidization; agglomeration and growth in colloidal systems; instrumentation; rheology and mixing; process systems engineering, including process design, optimization and operations, and systems biology; safety and loss prevention; and process intensification.

The department hosts the Centre for CO2 Technology – the hub of energy and CO2 technology development in the department, and a focus for energy research at UCL. The department is a partner in the Centre for Process Systems Engineering, UCL CoMPLEX and the UCL Materials Chemistry Centre.


Information for Prospective Students

Some of the undergraduate programmes in this department follow an Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP) Structure.

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