The world depends on the sea for over 90% of its trade and a significant fraction of its energy production requirements. London is a major centre for the global maritime industry, home to more than half of the world’s international shipping bodies and more professional maritime service providers than any other location. The UK offers a wide range of marine-related employment opportunities, from consulting design engineers to shipping operators and insurers.

Ocean engineering is the application of engineering principles to vehicles and structures that operate on or under water. In this minor, you will learn about the specific challenges the marine environment poses for designers as well as the necessary analytical techniques to ensure a design can overcome them.

The course will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The engineering challenges posed by the ocean environment
  • The global shipping and offshore industries and the range of ships they employ
  • Calculation and measurement of ship stability, powering and manoeuvrability
  • Ocean and coastal waves and currents and how they influence designs
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Marine renewable energy generation
  • Fundamental design skills for large complex products
  • The specific design skills required to produce ships and floating structures

The course is structured around development of students’ designs, including design and build of an autonomous underwater vehicle.

High Speed Patrol Vessel Mega Yachts
Left: High speed patrol vessel Right: Mega yachts, Monte Carlo

Specific skills students will learn:

  • The necessary techniques to design a marine vehicle or structure
  • Balancing a floating/submerged design for mass and volume
  • Experimental testing of ship models using a wave/towing tank
  • An appreciation of the practical difficulties of building an underwater vehicle

Information for Current Students

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Lead Academic

Prof Giles Thomas
Dept Mechanical Engineering
Email: ku.ca1563260058.lcu@1563260058samoh1563260058t.sel1563260058ig1563260058

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