An intelligent system is a computer-based system that can represent, reason about, and interpret data. In doing so it can learn about the structure of the data, analyse the data to extract patterns and meaning, derive new information, and identify strategies and behaviours to act on the results of its analysis.

Intelligent systems come in many forms and have many applications, from processing huge data sets to controlling robots and drones. The ideas and concepts are drawn from the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a range of fields such as psychology, linguistics and brain sciences, forming many interdisciplinary relationships.

This Minor provides a thorough introduction to intelligent systems, starting with the core building blocks and moving through to the more advanced areas of machine learning and neural networks. There will be particular emphasis on robotic systems, and how they can use machine learning to navigate and carry out complex tasks.

The teaching is led by staff from the UCL Computer Science Intelligent Systems Research Group, and by staff from the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics Research Group specialising in robotic systems.

Information for Current Students

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Lead Academic

Dr Simon Julier
Dept Computer Science
Email: ku.ca1563259898.lcu.1563259898sc@re1563259898iluj.1563259898s1563259898

For further information contact

Dr. Graham Roberts
Dept Computer Science
Email: ku.ca1563259898.lcu.1563259898sc@st1563259898rebor1563259898.g1563259898

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