Please note that the following modules are being updated for 18/19 onwards, and that the below information is subject to change. Full details of any changes will be made available before the 2018 Minors Fair.


Module 1 (Year 2, Term 2) – Management Accounting for Engineers

This module provides an understanding of key issues and applied methodologies relating to management accounting frameworks utilised by organisations. It provides the essentials a manager should have when faced with making hard-edged financial decisions in the context of the business environment.

The focus is on cost management, budgetary control, and short and longer term financial decision making. The framework for management accounting is analysed in the context of providing managers in organisations with the information they need to be able to plan for and subsequently control operations. The emphasis is on making well-informed decisions, gaining insights into the blend of financial analysis and managerial judgment required to enable managers to make appropriate decisions.

MSIN716P on the School of Management website

*Please note that although the Managerial Accounting for Decision-making module in Year 2 will not run during the scenario weeks, this is a 10 week programme and extra sessions will be schedule to replace the 2 missed in scenario weeks

Module 2 (Year 3, Term 1) – Financial Management

This module covers selected topics relating to corporate strategic finance (representing topics such as: capital funds strategy, financial planning, internal v external profit growth, and dividend-related issues), and to corporate managerial finance (concerning operational financial matters, including but not limited to: financing and investment decisions, and financial risk management). Key aspects explored are the theory and application of capital investment decisions, financing decisions, cost of capital issues, the nature of shareholder value, and company valuation. It identifies the key financial challenges facing directors and managers concerning the selection of projects to invest in, the financing of such investments, and the management of the relationship with finance providers. It includes, where appropriate, international considerations, including forex.

MSIN3G23 on the School of Management website

Module 3 (Year 3, Term 2) – Corporate Financial Strategy

This module considers a wide range of major strategic financial analyses addressed by companies’ senior financial officers (FDs and CFOs) and is designed to be of interest to numerous groups, including: aspiring CFOs, bankers dealing with CFOs/FDs, and management students who appreciate that strategies maximising shareholder value are paramount in business decision-making. The focus is on opportunities/threats encountered by the FD/CFO in key areas: working capital, optimal capital structure, internal and external investment, financial plan development, buy back and dividend decisions, corporate gearing, profit improvement, financial sourcing, make v buy financial decisions, bankruptcy and tax strategy, an introduction to the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Weighed Average Cost of Capital (WACC) analysis, and relationships with the investment community.

MSIN3017B on the School of Management website


This minor cannot be chosen by those on the Management Science Programme.

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