Engineering skills are in demand in policy professions around the world.  From analysing challenges to guiding innovations and managing risks, engineers are central to the ability of governments, corporations and non-profits to understand and shape strategic responses to the rapidly evolving technological and social environments in which they operate.

This minor will expose you to the diverse public and private sector career opportunities at the interface between engineering and public policy, and will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to thrive in those careers.  Through a unique combination of two taught courses and one hands-on studio project course, you, as engineers, will develop an understanding of policy institutions and processes, and gain experience in analysing and designing options for addressing several modern public policy challenges with engineering at their core.

Information for Current Students

For current module breakdown and syllabus, please have a look at the Minor page on the IEP Central Moodle (current students ONLY, login required).

Lead Academic

Dr Adam Cooper
Dept Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP)
Email: ku.ca1563257663.lcu@1563257663repoo1563257663c.mad1563257663a1563257663

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