You are asked to choose a IEP Minor stream that allows you to gain a grounding in another engineering/relevant discipline, a complementary skill or an interdisciplinary industry-based topic. This is achieved by offering a coherent set of three 15 credit modules, introducing all enrolled students to new fields as well as offering the opportunity for interdisciplinary topics to be covered in reasonable detail. The IEP Minors currently offered enable students to study in-depth from a broad choice of subjects.

  • Module 1: Takes place in Year 2 Term 2
  • Module 2: Takes place in Year 3 Term 1
  • Module 3: Takes place in Year 3 Term 2

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Why are we being asked to choose now in the IEP Minors Poll on Moodle?

It is very difficult to know for sure how popular all the IEP Minor options available will be. To ensure we book rooms that are the right size, and make other preparations for the new academic year, we ask you to make a preliminary choice by the end of Term 2 of the first year. Second year modules of the IEP Minor started in Year 1 are confirmed at the start of the second year.

What if I want to change my mind later?

As this is only preliminary information, we will not lock you into the choices you make now. Wherever possible we will allow people to change. However, in some cases this may only be if there is space in the module you wish to change to, as we will be planning based on this first set of numbers. In this case priority will be given to those that chose it in the preliminary selection.

I’m thinking of taking a year abroad, what happens to the IEP Minor?

You should select your IEP Minor option now. If you are successful in your application to study abroad in your third year (not in Chemical and Biochemical, as this option is in the fourth year), you will study the first module of the IEP Minor in your second year. On your return you can choose to complete the remaining modules of your IEP Minor, but will not be forced to.

Do all programmes have IEP Minors?

A small number of programmes that make up the IEP do not. This is typically where there is already an additional element, such as Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance), where the Business Finance modules form the IEP Minor.

Why a set of three modules? 

The intention of the IEP Minor is that it allows you to explore another topic to a certain depth. We found in many areas that the pre-requisites required to study modules in the third year, where we typically see this depth, restricted them to a small number of students. The second year modules allow a much wider range of students to access these subjects, and also allow for a much broader range of topics to be covered.

Why these topics?

Departments were asked to develop Minor options that would be appealing to a range of students from across the faculty. In addition, we specifically set topics outside the main engineering subjects, such as languages, management or entrepreneurship. The IEP Minors are designed to be related to UCL Engineering’s interdisciplinary research strengths, providing opportunities to learn from world-leading research staff in their specialist areas.

Does the Minor change my degree title?

No, your degree title doesn’t change because of the IEP Minor you choose.

If I really like the topic of the IEP Minor can I study it more?

Many of the IEP Minors will give the background knowledge required to study our Master’s level modules in the fourth year. There are also year 4 modules from across the faculty that follow on nicely from the IEP Minor you choose.

Can I change my IEP Minor once I’ve started?

As the first module acts as the basis for later modules it is difficult to change between many IEP Minors once you are any way into the programme. In exceptional circumstances, or if there are very good reasons, we will do all we can to help you if changes are needed, but you may be restricted in the alternative choices you have. To request a change, please follow this link to complete the required form: IEP Minor Change Request Form_18-19 (PDF, 293 KB). The deadline for submitting a change request for Minor modules which commence in Term 1 in an academic year is the end of the third week of October (i.e. the first three weeks of study). The deadline for submitting a change request for modules which commence in Term 2 in an academic year is the end of the first week of December (only available to second year students).

How can I get more information?

There will be further events and opportunities to get more detailed information during Term 2 of your first year, including the IEP Minors presentations mentioned above. For detailed information on a specific IEP Minor, the best point of contact is the IEP Minor leader, whose contact information is listed at the bottom of the relevant IEP Minor webpage.

Will there be caps or limits?

We hope that no caps or limits will be required, but there are some IEP Minors which are very popular. Based on the information you provide now (via the Year 1 March Poll), we aim to put in place enough resources to meet the demand for all modules. If only a very small number of students select a particular IEP Minor we may offer an alternative choice, but we will discuss this with you first.

Why are there exclusions?

There are a few cases where students from certain programmes are not able to select particular IEP Minors. This is due to the material in that IEP Minor overlapping significantly with content that already makes up core teaching of such programmes. In some cases this may mean that such students are already taking some or all of the modules as compulsory modules. There are also some IEP Minors that require certain prerequisites; these have also been included at the bottom of each IEP Minor webpage.

Choose your Minor

Please select your preferred Minor – and a reserve choice – using this Moodle page.

Please note you can change your mind on the poll up until the deadline, and that you’ll be asked to confirm your selections later in the year. If you do not complete the IEP Minor Poll, we cannot guarantee your Module Selection choices in August.

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