Screening of 3Dami student computer-generated film shorts

18.00, 2nd August 2013

Talented college students from across Britain have gathered at UCL Computer Science to script, model and animate two minute-long films in just 7 days as part of the 3Dami. UCL staff, students and other interested parties are cordially invited to the first, select screening of their work, including a making of documentary, followed by refreshments and an opportunity to meet the creators.

Students work with Blender in UCL Computer Science labs

Students work with Blender in UCL Computer Science labs

This is the second year that the 3Dami program has been run by Tom Haines, (UCL Computer Science) and Peter Kemp, a Sixth-form College tutor, this year with help from the SAE Institute, NESTA, and UCL Engineering. Aged 15 to 18, the students were selected as a result of their excellent portfolio work, and were given the opportunity to develop their independently-developed skills with the benefit of an in-house render farm, UCL’s highly specced student computer labs, and visits from industry specialists and computer graphics researchers. They will take their skills back to their studies of art, technology, computer science and more, and potentially onward to a career in computer animation.

Date: 2nd August

Time: 6.00 for a screening at 6.30, followed by a reception

Location: Christopher Ingold Lecture Theatre ( map, directions )

All UCL staff and students are invited; anyone else with an interest in 3D animation or digital arts education would be very welcome, but please emailĀ beforehand for registration.

Find out more about the 3Dami program on their website.