Institute of Making presents: Lunchtime Makes

16th - 20th April, 12 - 2pm daily

Academia often focuses on intellectual rather than physical learning – but there’s a lot to be learned from working with materials and making. The Institute of Making has just joined UCL, bringing their mission of uniting researchers and makers from all disciplines in hands-on learning with them. To say hello they’ll be running a week of lunchtime makes from their shed in the South Quad. Just drop in and explore learning through materials and making!

We’ll be doing totally different things every day, and no previous experience is required for any of them!

Monday: Material Wonders

After a morning assembling the MakeShed, get a hands-on introduction to some of the Materials Library, with demonstrations.

Tuesday: A Taste of Materials

How does the material of cutlery affect the experience of eating? Zoe Laughlin from the Institute of Making serves up the results of her research on this topic.

Wednesday: Cryogenic Cooking

Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Making (with a side order of chocolate casting, for those who don’t fancy cold treats)

Thursday: Chocolate Casting

An introduction to casting, using chocolate (with a side order of pewter casting for those who like things hotter)

Friday: Pewter Casting

Using the casting skills from yesterday, or learning them on the day, shape molten metal into solid objects to take home

.. and the making doesn’t stop there! Every Wednesday in term time we run making sessions on diverse topics, open to all UCL staff, students and alumni. Check out the MakeSpace wiki to see what’s up next, request topics, or offer to teach a session yourself!

Here’s some photos of the sort of thing we get up to: