About UCL Australia Nuclear Working Group

UCL Australia has recently established a Nuclear Working Group based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our goal is to bring a frame of reference and spread scientific knowledge in relation to the main issues identified by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission, South Australia.

Our goal is to share scientific knowledge in relation to the main issues identified by the Royal Commission; to assist and facilitate the process leading up to informed community decisions.

Our strategy is to source independent and skilled experts in the different areas identified by the Royal Commission into the Nuclear Fuel Cycle by using UCL’s network of subject matter experts from academia and industry.

UCL Australia Nuclear Working Group Members

UCL Australia Nuclear Working Group

Fact Sheets on Pressing Issues Surrounding the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  1. Can South Australia meet increasing global demand for uranium?
  2. Uranium mining: its contribution to South Australia’s economy
  3. South Australia hosts the world’s most abundant uranium reserves, but how much does it produce?
  4. The role of technology to discover and mine uranium deposits
  5. The role of research and development for safe and efficient uranium mining
  6. Uranium Mining: Health, Safety and Risk Management
  7. Uranium mining in South Australia: support and regulation
  8. The role of community support in the uranium industry in South Australia
  9. Radiation: Safety and Risk
  10. The uranium fuel cycle converts mined uranium to a form suitable for generating electricity
  11. Electricity generated from uranium: greenhouse gases
  12. Supply and demand pressures influence the uranium fuel market
  13. Solid uranium materials are shipped across land and sea
  14. Nuclear reactors use uranium to generate electricity under highly controlled conditions
  15. Uranium and nuclear power: facts and figures


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