Chemical Engineering Lab 303

Chemical Engineering Lab 303 (formally the Crystallisation lab) is located on the 3rd Floor of the Robert’s Engineering building. It is home to MAFuMa research team (Manufacturing Advanced Functionalised Materials) working on the continuous manufacture of a series of different nanoparticles for use in healthcare therapies and diagnostics, as well extensive research into new methods for inducing and controlling nucleation. The group has an exhaustive range of particle characterisation equipment including; a DelsaMax PRO for simultaneous Dynamic Light Scattering and Zeta Potential measurements, a high resolution LS™ 13 320 MW Laser Diffraction particle size analyser, a NanoSight for Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis and sizing, and an Ultra High Resolution Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation particle sizer capable of accurately measuring the size of particles as large as 50 µm and as small as 4 nm.


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